Sunday, July 28, 2013

Praising our Lord

As I was getting updated pictures for our Blog I walk upon Rydal reading his Bible ready to give devotion to our youth whom are in the gym playing ball. A verse came to mind when I saw and seeing him sitting there mediating.

Joshua 1:7-8
Be strong and very courageous. Be careful to obey all the law my servant Moses gave you; do not turn from it to the right or to the left, that you may be successful wherever you go. Do not let this Book of the Law depart from your mouth; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful

1. be strong and courageous because the task ahead would not be easy
2. obey God's law
3. constantly read and study the Book of the Law -- God's Word.
You may not succeed by the world's standards, but you will be a success in god's eyes -- and his opinion lasts forever.

Well, just to let you all know we do have a Facebook as well. We are all learning and depending and trusting God to help us and putting NCF in his hand. He is the almighty.

Just a small update

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

We have our 1st NCF News Letter out now, if you would like to receive a copy please send us your email or address so it can get to read and share.

Because of the proof given by this ministry they will glorify god for your obedience to your confession of the gospel of Christ, and for the liberality of your contribution to them and to all, while they also, by prayer on your behalf, yearn for you because of the surpassing grace of God in you
2 Corinthians 9:13-14

 we had a grp from CA come in help with some aerobic
 here bo went fishing and camping with some of our young men. this is bo's 2nd time doing this he this gives him a chance to disciple them. they have fun though
 gym is in full swing. 1 week out of a month we close the gym and this helps with our electric and water cost.

devotion is still shared with our youth.

NCF offers the following ministries:
* Discipleship Classes
* New Beginnings/AA
* Men's Mentoring Group
* Christian Counseling
* Biblical Approach to Addiction Class
* Helping the community

Well everyone this is just a sample of what was on our News Letter.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Lord's lovingkindnesses indeed never cease. For His compassions never fail. They are new every morning; grea is Your faithfulness.
Lamentations 3:22-23
God's love never ends. He only wants what's best for us becuase he loves us so much. He takes care of us and gives us good gifts out of love. He loved us so much that he gave the ultimate gifts -- his Son -- so we could have a relationship with him. We'll never fully understand the depth of his love but we can know it's there for us whenever we need it. It never ends. It never fails. And when we wake up in the morning we can tap into it again.

Monday, July 1, 2013

hello, everyone

Sorry, for the lack of information brothers & sisters but here is our latest update:
Administrator's Report
Time to do some cleaning and planting. You could say that is what NCF is doing at this time with having our children home not in operation at this time due our license still in the process. The Children home is in need of some repairs and cleaning before I request for the health and environmental inspection.
Our application is on hold due to Rosita recent total hip replacement surgery which required a recovery time of 6 to 8 weeks and permission to return to work and somewhat normal activity. Please keep her in your prayers for this has been a testing time for her to adjust to a new way of doing things.
The Browning's, have found a place and now settled down and they are now able to share NCF with those who want to know more about NCF and interested in serving or supporting our ministry. One of those contacts they made is a couple who are interested in our new Children Home supervisor but we have not received their response yet but we are still waiting so be in prayer that our Heavenly Father well send us the perfect parent/parents. Praising God is so awesome!
NCF Recreational center is open and is supervised by Rydell who is doing a wonderful job at it. The Rec. center water line had another major break repair that needed to be corrected and with the help of the local guys we were able to complete it. I praise God on how He has moved the hearts of those who come to gym night and are volunteering themselves to help NCF when we are in need.
Another project that has been completed is our fencing on the east side of our ground that was completed by work & witness team from California. They did an excellent job, again young men from our community helped out.
We our currently doing repair on our sewage system to the staff apartment and should be completed next week. (UPDATE: THIS PROJECT WAS COMPLETED, PRAISING OUR GOD FOR ALL THE HELP FROM VOLENTEERS.)
Lastly, I have been in prayer and asking God to help me lead NCF to be a ministry that will be a light House in our community and the surrounding area. That NCF will be place where our people can come and leave knowing that our Lord and Savior Jesus is the answer to their life.
With this challenge before me and leader must be  willing to be teachable, humble, and I realize that there is still a lot for me to learn and god has blessed me by making it possible for me to attend the Leadership conference held in Kansas City that was for nonprofit mission organization last week with all-expense paid for.  This conference was very helpful to me in equipping me to be an effective leader and most of all to know that NCF is God's mission.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Ok, we let it happen again! We have let so much time come in between the last blog entry that now we have a lot to share. All the new information is very exciting and pleasing, thanks to God.

The recreation center is open and running full force, the repairs to all the water leaks have been repaired, and we are operating six days out of the week providing the youth in Dilkon and surrounding areas a place to play basketball, volleyball, aerobics, weight lifting, bible studies, and devotions. We heard a testimony the other day from a pastor in Greasewood say that he was in Church’s Chicken and he overheard a group of four young men say if you want to play basketball somewhere and not have to worry about being around drugs then go to the big blue gym in Dilkon. How awesome is that!!
We are seeing an average of 170 youth, teens, and adults coming and going on a weekly basis.

The children’s home is now being occupied by the Browning’s. During the last 11 months we have seen fourteen Navajo children due to neglect, child abuse, or physical abuse. Our prayer is if there’s a need, which we know there is, by this time next year that number will have been tripled. Joey and Angie are more than ready to share God’s love with these children.

Although each staff member here personally has problems and concerns with their family we have been singing praises to God for what is happening at NCF. A few months ago Angie was led to send out letters to past and present supporters, both individual and group, asking for support either prayerfully, financially, or both. NCF was in debt with Amerigas for $5,610.00 and was out of propane for heat. Thanks to God, Our friends were led to pray and provide the income to pay this debt. As of May 24, 2010 we received a grand total of $5,610.00. No, this is not an error! God provided EXACTLY what NCF needed. We’ve heard this saying a few times and it fits perfectly here. “It’s not odd, it’s God”.

Another praise we like to share is one of our foster children, Cari, who has been with us seven months graduated from high school. Cari is our first ever high schools graduate so she has made history here. Cari was also the first member of her family to receive a high school diploma. Cari has over came the odds of being raised by a single alcoholic parent, with brother’s involved in drugs and alcohol. Since Cari finished school and turned 18 she has left NCF and moved in with her aunt here in Dilkon. Cari is still attending church on Sundays and we pray and ask you to pray with us, that she will eventually allow God to work in her life and accept God as her Lord and Savior.

Our big news we have for you is on July 1st 2010 we are opening the Hogan up as a woman’s emergency shelter. There is a big need for this on the Navajo Reservation. The women now have to be shipped to another area off the reservation, and they experience culture shock, or feel they are too far away from family and usually return sooner than they should. We have also received the approval, from the board of directors, to run a daycare out of the children’s home. We have done our research and now we are going to send out feasibility test to see how big the need in Dilkon actually is.

First Capitol from Corydon IN arrived here this month as our first mission team of the year. This was First Capitol’s first time sending a mission team to NCF. We personally want to thank the church, team members, and Janette Pence for leading the team. It was such a blessing to us and the community to have them here. The team was able to reach out with the staff of NCF and paint the local fire department in Luepp. Team memeber, Jerry Timberlake, pictured to the right had the priveldge to be a volunteer fireman for a few mintues. They were defiantly the hands and feet of God everywhere they went. The team provided root beer floats one night during open gym to the teens and had a VBS for the young ones. We are very thankful God sent this team and we hope to see them again and continue to build a lasting friendship with this church family.

NCF has been trying their best to get word out over the internet by placing ads, blogs, and whatever else they can think of. To let people know why we exist and what our purpose is here on the reservation. Recently we were contacted by a church in New York that is interested in sending a team of 40 here next April! Please be in prayer for this church as they are feeling led to come.

July is going to be a very fun busy month. We have three mission teams coming, our back to school back pack party is this month, we are hosting an Alzheimer’s and Dementia workshop, and we are having a free, to the community, Christian concert featuring MC Solder and Corwyn Vega Jr. Big things and exciting things are happening at NCF, and the staff feels very blessed to be a part of it.

NCF thanks each and every one of you for your support. We pray continuously for you all. Please be watching the mail as the next quarterly newsletters will be going out soon. If you do not receive one and would like to be put on our mailing list please send us a quick note with your address to our email.

God Bless!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Well it seems to be that we have fell a little behind on our updates! A few of NCF's staff has been out and about traveling and visiting churches during the months of Jan. & Feb. Bo traveled to OH and met a lot of wonderful people. During their stay different families from Cobblestone Community Church welcomed him and his wife Rosita into their homes. The hospitality was GREAT!! Bo shared NCF's story with 3 different organizations. The trip went so well that Cobblestone wants to bring back Bo in June to visit more locations.

The Browning's traveled back home for a visit and was able to speak at 4 different locations. Joey Browning was even able to be on the local radio/tv program in Salem IN. The Browning's stated they seen God with them the whole time away, through the love that poured out to them from their home church, New Life Christian Church of Lanesville, the financial support received for NCF at a Prospectives Class, Variety of items donated to NCF from a presentation given at St.Johns Church in Lanesville, the few churches that showed interest in wanting to bring mission teams to NCF, a little girl who said God moved in her heart and wanted to donate her savings of $14 to the Browning's and challenged everyone else to match that donation. As of date she has raised over $300.00, We are praising God for saving their life on the side of a busy expressway changing a flat tire. There are many more ways, in fact to many to mention. God is truly blessing them for their service here at NCF!

Speaking of blessings a new company, Soaring Eagles, moved into the administration building during the month of February and has recently hired James & Carol to run those offices. James looks at this opportunity as a financial blessing for him and Carol. NCF has not been able to pay the director (James) for quite some time, so this blessing allows them both to still be here on campus, available for NCF, and earn income.

Our Recreation Center is still currently closed due to the water leak. Joey & Bo have finally been able to repair the interior leak and are planning on completing the exterior leak this weekend. We are praying we are able to have the gym up and running again by the week of March 22nd. We will still have 3 boys' urinals that will need to be replaced.

We are so excited about another opportunity that has came to Bo. He currently teaches an Over Comers class at the Dilkon Behavioral Health which is a Christian faith based class. In June DBH is having a Youth Conference and they have set one whole day a side just for faith. Bo has been asked to organize this day! We are so excited for him and look forward to see just how he is going to reach the youth for Jesus Christ.

We currently have 2 children in foster care. James announced at our staff meeting the other night that the reason for a lack of children is currently there is no prosecutor for Dilkon. I assume without a prosecutor Social Services can not press charges on the parents and remove the children from the homes. For us I guess only having 2 children at this time is ok due to the children's home being out of propane to heat the home. If you take a look at our P&L reports you will understand why NCF is unable to pay.

We are also pleased to announce we currently have 4 churches sending mission teams to NCF this summer. We are always excited to see our brothers and sisters in Christ and to share opportunities to reach out to the community. The teams thus far are First Capitol from Corydon IN, Cobblestone Community Church from Lebanon OH, New Life Christian Church from Lanesville IN, and United Methodist. We plan on having a lot of fun with these guys and we are currently coming up with work projects and projects that will allow us to give and share Gods love with the community.

Please click on the above link labeled "Prayer Request" and join us in prayer. We appreciate all the support we receive both financial and prayer. God Bless!!

Thursday, December 31, 2009

A New Year brings New Opportunities

Happy New Year to Everyone!!

We are trying something new this year with a blog; we know and understand how important it is to keep our friends and family updated with all the news, prayer request, and praises. So our plan is to publish a new blog at the end of every month. This will update you on what has happened and what we plan to happen for the new month to come.

So let us quickly bring you up to date on who is here serving and how we are serving God;

We have James and Carol Paddock, James is the Director for NCF. They have been serving in the children’s home as Foster Parents, which is a children’s placement facility for Child Protective Services. Our home ensures a safe place of refuge and an opportunity to share Christ. James retired in 2009 from the First Church of The Nazarene in Dilkon as the Pastor.

Then we have Bo & Rosita Paddock, Bo is currently leading a men's bible study on Monday nights, a discipleship class on Thursday nights, has open gym on Sunday afternoons for families from the surrounding churches, and helps Joey with any big maintenance projects. Bo is also the contact for churches that send mission teams to serve at NCF. Rosita works a fulltime job at Winslow Indian Health but she has a passion for reaching out to the young ladies in the community through a Monday night women’s bible study class.

Finally we have Joey and Angie Browning all the way from Southern Indiana. God called them to serve at NCF in September. Joey is our maintenance man who is in charge of the grounds and Angie is our new accountant. They have open gym for the community on Tuesday nights and Wednesday nights that include devotion or a bible story. They plan on getting their Foster Parenting License as well so they can help more with the children in the home. They have a 16yr old son, Joey Jr. who is a big help to NCF as well. He helps us anytime and anyplace he is needed.

For all of us, our main goal is to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ and to show the love He has for the Navajo Nation.

We would like to ask for prayer for the following; Bo will be traveling the end of this month through the first week of February to visit a church in OH please pray for safe travel and the opportunity to talk to people about why NCF exist. Please pray for our frozen water break in the gym that has caused damage to the floor and the boy’s urinals. Please pray for our ministries, opportunities to witness to the natives, and much needed financial support.

We hope you will enjoy this blog and please feel free to leave comments or suggestions. If you would like a notification of our future blog post please email us your email address at:

God Bless you all from all the staff.