Sunday, February 25, 2018

Greeting from NCF. We are still here

I am so sorry to all our followers,
I have not been keeping up with our blog but that well change.

First of all "ALL GLORY GOES TO GOD"

So, much to update! where to begin right

It is February 25, 2018, Happy Belated New Year all. We'll our children home is back up and running. New Foster Parents of course, they are Darlene & Ray Paddock. As, far as I am aware we have 7 children & we have Randy & Heather as backups to the children home.  We do have Renee Frisen as a Backup as well. Don't want to leave anyone out & of course Rydell is helping as well.

Our Administrator Bo James Paddock, Jr is on leave while he does counseling & teaching @ CDC in Cortez, Co. He is getting the rest he needs. In his place is our Acting Administrator Randy Stewart.

As, for me his wife Rosita - I took over as Business Manager. Whew, a lot of work but all for God. I say that's my second job since my full time job is working @ WIHCC as a POS/Pharmacy Billing Technician.

Rydell is still our maintenance man.

We will be opening the gym again come March, 2018. woohoo

Continue to pray for us all here @ NCF:
Bo James & Rosita Paddock
Randy & Heather Stewart
Josh & Renee Frisen
Ray & Darlene Paddock
Rydell Morgan

God Bless you all

Monday, March 14, 2016

Stewart Family Ministry Update

The Stewart Family would like to thank the board along with the Navajo Christian Foundation for your prayers and support. We returned to Dilkon in June of 2015 and God has provided by bringing new churches to NCF. One new church is from Louisville, KY and Saddleback Church from California.

The Dallas trip was a blessing as I attended all three service with our supporting church Ridgeview in Rockwall, Tx. I shared the need for foster parents to help us in the children's home. One of the members will bring his smoker and prepare BBQ for almost 400 people this summer in July. The Village Church in Flower Mound also was willing to meet with me and they extended an offer to complete an assistance application. Pray for open hearts as we write that budget and ask for help.

My Florida trip in March will consist of investing some quality time with my son who will join me as I share with two churches and reach out to a local Christian college in the Orlando area about NCF. Pray for God's will as I speak to East Coast Christian Church and First Baptist Altamonte Springs.

Our family is doing well adjusting to life on the Rez in Dilkon and we appreciate the support of Bo Paddock our Executive Director and Rydell Morgan on staff with NCF. God is Faithful and He will lead us as we rebuild and glorify the name of Jesus among the Navajo through the ministry of NCF.

For Jesus Glory and Kingdom

Randy, Heather, Elias and John

Administrator Report

Administrator Report
February, 2016

WoW! I has been such a long time since I gave a report for NCF. I am happy to report that NCF is very much alive and is still going forward despite all the difficulties and few hardships that challenges NCF existence, but our Great and Mighty God never abandon NCF. He is still the center and foundation of this ministry that continues to serve the community and share the Good News of our Savior Jesus Christ to our people and to all who are hurting and lost spiritually.
A lot has happened since my last report, but I will try to summarize a few updates that has taken place over the year.
To begin with, NCF was invited to meet with local leaders from the surrounding communities to support a proposal to bring youth services / programs to local communities (Dilkon, Teesto, Ind. Wells, White Cone) with grant funding ready available to use. NCF agreed to rent out the Recreation Center to be one of the host site for this youth program. This decision not only supported and assisted in helping our youth it also brought in much needed income to NCF, unfortunately our contracted expired in 09/2015 but we are still serving our youth with open gym night.
Secondly, Navajo Housing Authority move out tenants from approximately 40 nits so they could renovate them. Rydell Morgan (NCF Staff) was one of those families that had to relocate, so NCF has allowed the Morgan family to move into one of the available apartment temporarily until renovation is completed. Again, this decision has brought in income for NCF.
Thirdly, The Navajo Nation Dept. of Family Service / Social Services building was condemned and had to be vacated. They inquired to NCF about renting out available office space if any was available. NCF did meet with their Directors and approved a contract to rent out six offices at a monthly rate. This has added a little more income for NCF along with our faithful givers of churches and individuals who also support the ministry. Once again I believe this was another way of God providing for NCF to continue forward with the ministry.
Last update I want to share is an answer to prayer for me and NCF. I am happy to announce the return of the Stewart family (Randy, Heather, Elias & John). They had served here as Foster Parents and assisting the Rec. Center for several years. He is assisting me in the Administration office and is a Representative for NCF to churches and organizations. He is currently in Texas speaking and sharing NCF ministry at two churches. He is also announcing the need for a House Parent for the Children home, pray that maybe one of the attendance will respond to the call to serve. This is truly the work of God in rebuilding NCF, but all in His timing leading through prayers.
Once again it’s a privilege to continue to serve here at NCF and most of all for my LORD and Savior Jesus Christ. Thank you for your prayers for me and my family as we have committed ourselves as long as NCF and God permits us to serve here.

All 4 Christ!
James Paddock, Jr
NCF Administrator

Friday, February 19, 2016

Greeting, ALL

Just sharing our awesome group from Ceres Christian Church in California.
It has been over a year since we updated our poor blog, we apologize for inconvenience that it may have caused.
Well, NCF is still up and running. We still do have mission trips to our facility to share Gods words and Love.
"Bo" James Paddock, Jr Director of NCF has been busy. All the paper work, studying and counseling he does to help all in need. AA meeting has been put on hold for a short while, due to the cold weather.
 All thing come together for a good reason, right!
The Stewarts, are back and serving NCF to the fullest.
New plans:
Open the Children Home by the end of this year or sooner, God knows what he wants us to do. To have the Gym back in full swing before summer is over.
Bo & I during 2015 Christmas
We ask for continued prayer for all that still needs to be done, keep us lifted everyday. In a few days I well share the Director's report and I will keep everyone posted.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Greeting from Mr & Mrs Paddock, JR

Sending you all a wonderful New Year and pray your Holidays went real well. God has been good to us but continue to pray for NCF.

"Bo" James & Rosita Paddock 12/2014

News from Bo (Adminstrator)

Praise Our Lord and Savior:

December 2014

Once more the winter season is upon us and excitement it brings to families and friends who gather together to celebrate holiday season with lots of munchies, laughs and gifts. It is also important time when we celebrate the birth of our LORD Jesus the greatest gift our heavenly Father gave to the world, a Savior to reconcile us to the Father and the forgiveness of our sins.
So, Rejoice!
A lot has happen since I last shared o the blog. I am happy to announce that NCF is reinstated back with our Tax Exempt. It took lot of prayer and paper work to get us back in good standing. This reinstatement allows NCF to proceed forward in raising support and restarting some of our ministries that have been temporary close.
Another, exciting news to announce for the New Year is that NCF is the Host site for the Dilkon Youth Service. DYS well be renting the Recreational Facility to provide youth between the ages of 6 to 21 years of age service that essentially build character, self-esteem, and leadership skills. DYS will deliver youth service to the Southwestern Region of our Navajo Nation (Dilkon, Whitecone, Indian Wells, Greasewood and Teesto). This is an answer to prayer to have our Rec. Center open full time for our children and youth in the community and surrounding area.
I have been in much prayer that the LORD will send servants to come along side us as I believe that God is moving us forward to minister to our people who are still in need of Savior. There are two potential families who have been in much prayer and desiring to serve here at NCF.
LORD wills them to serve here it would be truly an answer to prayer, so let us join them in prayer as they seek God's direction in their lives.
Once again I am very grateful to the LORD for He has been faithful and He is still in control of NCF ministry
There have been some intense trials that have come against NCF, but the good LORD has carried us through and we are still able to minister to our people. Thank you for the prayers and support and to the few who stuck with us financially despite our situation, we are grateful.

God Bless!
"Bo" James Paddock Jr.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Praising our Lord

As I was getting updated pictures for our Blog I walk upon Rydal reading his Bible ready to give devotion to our youth whom are in the gym playing ball. A verse came to mind when I saw and seeing him sitting there mediating.

Joshua 1:7-8
Be strong and very courageous. Be careful to obey all the law my servant Moses gave you; do not turn from it to the right or to the left, that you may be successful wherever you go. Do not let this Book of the Law depart from your mouth; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful

1. be strong and courageous because the task ahead would not be easy
2. obey God's law
3. constantly read and study the Book of the Law -- God's Word.
You may not succeed by the world's standards, but you will be a success in god's eyes -- and his opinion lasts forever.

Well, just to let you all know we do have a Facebook as well. We are all learning and depending and trusting God to help us and putting NCF in his hand. He is the almighty.

Just a small update